Measures of Success

What's Her Story

April 12, 2023

For SheHacksChi Hackathon, my team had 8 hours to develop a game/app/website that would encourage girls to learn STEM subjects. Basing our concept on a recent study that found girls our most interested in learning coding when it involves storytelling, my group created a madlibs style game that allows a user to create their own adventure while also translating a user's actions into pseudocode. Through the game, user's learn the fundamentals of programming and even can manipulate their story through the code.

Technology: Javascript, Bootstrap Framework


April 12, 2023

Pitched social media and PSA campaigns for Netflix that were implemented by the company 10 days later and notably used for their annual April Fools Day joke.

Junior Composer

April 12, 2023

For my user experience class focused on learning technology,I chose to combine my experience with music and working as a piano teacher to try and create an original app concept that would focus on giving kids without the resources for private music education, a way to get personal feedback on their playing while also learning the basics of music theory and history.Bundled into a humorous avatar focused design, this app would motivate users to learn and experiment with music through traditional instruction wrapped in a videogame framework.

Software Used: Axure, GarageBand, Dropbox

Demon Date App

April 12, 2023

Winning "Most Popular" in DePaul's 2013 UX Design contest (and predating Tindr), I designed a dating app for DePaul University students where based on gps, age, and even one's major, users could swipe right and left through a series of profiles. If there was a match, then the user could message the person. The project won "most popular" of my prototype class.

Software Used: Mybalsamiq


Chicago, IL, USA

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