Mettacite was one of my first website redesigns. As a client whose product is focused on the future (i.e. data analysis) I felt their website should reflect their business with a sleek, modern color palette and features such as video landing page. A week after the launch of the new site, my client was reached out to by All State and IBM for contracts and has seen a 30% rise in business.

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Designers Working

Sophisticated Movement

 I know what it means to give each project the personalized attention it deserves. I always strive to deliver state-of-the-art designs that bring my clients’ vision to life. This project is a great example of how I kept my clients’ interests in mind by creating unique visual elements and interactive features. Combined with SEO and the content library I integrated with the site, my client has seen a 24% increase in bookings of new clients and 76% rise in engagement.

Coding Core

Winning the Best Pitch Award at Hack to the Future 2016 and presented at the international Mozfest 2016, CodingCore provides lesson plans that teach common core subjects through digital literacy activities. Based on interviews with over 24 teachers and school administrators, our website allows schools to easily implement computer science coursework that goes beyond the videogame lessons of Code.org, but can be easily understood by teachers with no tech or CS background.

Coding Core
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Maker Mob

Maker Mob is the first professional website I was contracted to make for Northeastern University. Using Wordpress, I developed a site that would promote their organizations public events as well as allow users to login and submit events to their website for posting.




Build Virtual Realities IN YOUR WEB BROWSER with A-Frame

It's Free, Easy, and only requires a web browser and an internet connection - no fancy gear necessary.

Learn how @ the interactive A-Frame School



What's Her Story

For SheHacksChi Hackathon, my team had 8 hours to develop a game/app/website that would encourage girls to learn STEM subjects. Basing our concept on a recent study that found girls our most interested in learning coding when it involves storytelling, my group created a madlibs style game that allows a user to create their own adventure while also translating a user's actions into pseudocode. Through the game, user's learn the fundamentals of programming and even can manipulate their story through the code.

Technology: Javascript, Bootstrap Framework


Pitched social media and PSA campaigns for Netflix that were implemented by the company 10 days later and notably used for their annual April Fools Day joke.

Junior Composer

For my user experience class focused on learning technology,I chose to combine my experience with music and working as a piano teacher to try and create an original app concept that would focus on giving kids without the resources for private music education, a way to get personal feedback on their playing while also learning the basics of music theory and history.Bundled into a humorous avatar focused design, this app would motivate users to learn and experiment with music through traditional instruction wrapped in a videogame framework.

Software Used: Axure, GarageBand, Dropbox

Demon Date App

Winning "Most Popular" in DePaul's 2013 UX Design contest (and predating Tindr), I designed a dating app for DePaul University students where based on gps, age, and even one's major, users could swipe right and left through a series of profiles. If there was a match, then the user could message the person. The project won "most popular" of my prototype class.

Software Used: Mybalsamiq





Inspired by the London event, Mozfest, Hive Chicago Buzz is a 3 day internet festival that celebrates connected learning. My responsibilities for this event included all digital communications (i.e. website, schedule app, social media marketing, and Eventbrite management), researching and working with the vendors, graphic design of signage Staged in the beautfiul Bridgeport Art Center, we had over 150 attendees and dozens of speakers, making it our most successful event in the 5 years since the event began.



A-Frame is an entity-component framework based on top of HTML, making it simple web-based tool for building virtual reality experiences. A-Frame can be used on desktops and also supports most VR headsets such as Vive, Rift, Daydream, GearVR, Cardboard. It can even be used for augmented reality! Whether you’re new to coding or have years of experience, this guide will point you to the resources you need to get started building WebVR experiences!



Front-End Web Development


Javascript + jQuery

 UX Research & Design

Wireframes & Prototyping






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