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A Bit About Me

Ann Marie Carrothers

Content Strategist / UX Designer/ Storyteller

I am a jill of all trades who has worked in fields ranging from television production and the performing arts to UX/web design and education. An opera singer turned computer programmer, I care deeply about the integration of the arts and technology, speaking around the world to artists, activists, and educators on how to integrate digital education into the arts. 

I specialize helping educators, non profits, and small businesses increase awareness and audience engagement through low cost technology and content strategy implementation.

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I got skills, they're multiplying

Front-End Web Development

 UX Research & Design

Content Marketing

Project Management

Public Speaking

Film Editing + Production

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Previous Clients

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"Enough About me, let's talk about you...what do you think of me?"

~CC Bloom, Beaches

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Ann Marie is unbelievably resourceful, talented and a true delight to work with.  She is self motived and directed and wise beyond her years. If you are looking for a “unicorn” look no further than Ann Marie.

Nancy Schuetz, CEO of Mettacite


"Ann Marie continuously has a positive frame and is easy to talk to and comes with a sense of care and compassion for others well being. Her technical competence is amazing. Her problem solving skills are well versed and if there is something she is unfamiliar with she does not hesitate to learn a new skill. She is a team player and dependable if asked to support she will jump in without hesitation."

Kenyatta Forbes, Hive Chicago

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