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Web/UX Design: Projects
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Role: Web Design, Writer

Public Privates is a research + advocacy project focused on finding love safely in the 21st century. While dating online may be the safest way to meet new people during a pandemic, too few know the real risks involved in using dating apps and other online services. By placing this privacy and security conversation in the scope of finding love, this initiative aims to educate non technical audiences on the effects of AI in the their love life. 

OUTCOME: The first video I helped produce on this topic in a series on AI, gained 1000 views/day immediately after launch and became the most viewed video of the series.

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Role: Web Design, SEO

I know what it means to give each project the personalized attention it deserves. I always strive to deliver state-of-the-art designs that bring my clients’ vision to life. This project is a great example of how I kept my clients’ interests in mind by creating unique visual elements and interactive features. Combined with SEO and the content library I integrated with the site, my client has seen a 24% increase in bookings of new clients and 76% rise in engagement.

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Role: Web Design, Content Marketing, SEO

As a client whose product is focused on the future (i.e. data analysis) I felt their website should reflect their business with a sleek, modern color palette and features such as video landing page. A week after the launch of the new site, my client was reached out to by All State and IBM for contracts and has seen a 30% rise in business.

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Role: Project Coordinator, QA

One of the major projects I did as part of the Mozilla Leadership Program was push for the creation of a central website for our Fellows and Awards work. This involved creating a database on our leaders and working with a global UX and production team to develop test and launch these initiatives. I liaisoned between leadership, engineers, and designers to ensure the site launched in time for our new application cycle (12 week timeline). ​ Attained project goals while also managing the recruitment cycle launch and multiple fellowship offboarding events in 3 countries.

TECH: InVision, Wagtail, Github, Django 

UX Research

Web/UX Design: Projects

Inclusive Operations

CLIENT: Mozilla

PROBLEM: When I started working on the Fellowship program in 2017,  I noticed that while our fellowship is marketed as global, our programming + policies were heavily U.S. centric. This observation was supported by surveys + 1on1 interviews I conducted with fellows and staff throughout the 2017-2018 fellowship cycle.


  • Conducting the interviews

  • Synthesizing findings

  • New policy implementation

  • Creating virtual onboarding course 


  • Created virtual onboarding process saving org + fellows $$$ and ensuring EVERYONE had equitable, on demand access to the same resources.

  • New policies better prepared us for running the program virtually during the pandemic.

  • Expanded Health and Childcare supplements to support fellows who had domestic partners, are single parents, or who live in countries without the U.S. health insurance model.

  • By 2019, we saw that word had spread about our new practices resulting in the most diverse applicant pool we’d ever had and ending with a cohort spanning  6 continents.

Web/UX Design: Text
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