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Mozilla Leadership Program Branding Case Study

Mozilla Leadership Case Study: About


Role: Project Lead, Designer, Producer

When I joined the Leadership Program at Mozilla in 2017, we had no unified messaging materials or consistent branding. Our work was spread out across 4 different websites and there was no clear understanding on WHO our fellows are, the impact of their work, or even WHAT the Fellowship program involved.

Therefore, in the 4 years I worked at the program, I :

  • Coordinated a web redesign for the program twice (one for the fellowship program and another when we combined the Fellows and Awards programs).

  • Organized film and photography shoots at live events I ran for the program to capture professional photos and videos of our fellows that we could use for future marketing.

  • Designed external marketing materials such as logos, flyers, posters, branded presentations, and swag for fellows and staff to be able to use at events where they were speaking.

  • Developed data marketing strategies to track the impact of external materials.

Mozilla Leadership Case Study: Text

Logo Design

Mozilla Leadership Case Study: Text
Mozilla Leadership Case Study: Pro Gallery

Program Website

One of the major projects I did as part of the Mozilla Leadership Program was push for the creation of a central website for our Fellows and Awards work.

This involved creating a database on our leaders and working with a global UX and production team to develop test and launch these initiatives. I liaisoned between leadership, engineers, and designers to ensure the site launched in time for our new application cycle.

Attained project goals while also managing the recruitment cycle launch and multiple fellowship offboarding events in 3 countries.

TIMELINE: 12 weeks ​

TECH: InVision, Wagtail, Github, Django 

Mozilla Leadership Case Study: Text


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Mozilla Leadership Case Study: Welcome


Mozilla Leadership Case Study: Welcome
Mozilla Leadership Case Study: Pro Gallery

Video Production

Mozilla Leadership Case Study: Projects

Dear Internet Series

Role: Producer

To better spotlight the work of our Fellows, I coordinated with our marketing team and the Foundation to facilitate a film shoot during a 5-day conference I was organizing where I knew fellows from all over the world would be in one place, a rare occasion given our fellows span over 5 continents.

Thanks to the video series both the work of our fellows and the program became more appreciated and recognized both internally and internationally. All fellows in the series went on to be offered positions and grants that furthered their vital work.

Mozilla Fellows Impact

Role: Project Coordinator

How do you schedule a film shoot in a pandemic? Virtually, of course! 

When the fundraising team requested a video to better summarize the work and impact of the fellowship program, I worked with them and the marketing team to coordinate a virtual interview + film schedule as well as provide b roll content. 

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